August 2, 2017

A Letter to Our Son, Caleb

Dear Caleb,

Today, you turn FIVE, a milestone that’s bittersweet for us. You’re no longer our little toddler, but instead you’re now our little boy. One who’s crazy about learning, loves to crack jokes, and has the sweetest smile that a mom falls for and just adores.

Your favorite topics to talk about are dinosaurs, volcanoes, and outer space, and you could go on and on about any of those three subjects, especially when it’s way past your bedtime. Your imagination and thirst for knowledge is delightful, and we pray that you never grow out of it. Because one day, it’ll take you to great places.

It’s crazy for us to think about how quickly the time has passed. Five years ago, we had just brought you home from the hospital. We were new parents who had no idea what we were doing. But somehow, everything turned out perfectly. You turned out perfectly.

Five years later, you’re now learning how to read, you’re learning simple math, and two weeks ago, you just started Kindergarten. Oh, how thrilled we are with how well you’re doing! It’s also apparent to us that you’re growing up FAST.

One day, learning how to read and first days of school will turn into learning how to drive, attending prom, and going off to college. It’s a long time from now, but Mom and Dad know those moments will be here before we know it. So we’ll savor this time. When you’re teasing your brother mercilessly, however hard it may be, we’ll savor it. When you’re throwing your biggest tantrums and we’re at our wits end, we’ll savor it. And when you fall and get hurt, we’ll pick you up, hug you so big, and we’ll savor it.

Mom and Dad love you, and we’re so proud of who you are and who you’ll become. Happy Birthday, Little Man.

-Your Biggest Fans AKA Mom and Dad




  1. Mandi Burnham says:

    I love this!!

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